How to Keep Your Boat Exterior Ship Shape

How to Keep Your Boat Exterior Ship Shape

An important part of boat ownership is keeping the boat’s exterior clean and polished. Not only will routine cleaning keep your boat looking better; it will help it perform better as well. There is a science to keeping a boat looking shiny and new, but it is a science that is easily learned. We have listed some helpful boat cleaning tips below. With these tips and a little elbow grease, you wll keep your boat exterior “ship shape” throughout the season. These cleaning methods will work for any number of boats, including the boats found at

Cleaning the Fenders

Our first suggestion, when cleaning your boat’s fenders, is to remove the fenders from the boat. Trying to clean the fenders while they are still on the boat makes things unnecessarily complicated. Ideally, you will want to clean your fenders with a pressure washer, as this will remove the majority of the dirt and mildew. If you cannot get ahold of a pressure washer, soap and water will also do the trick—this method just requires a little more energy. While these methods will remove the majority of the mildew, you may find that some of the mildew just won’t go away. If this is the case, we recommend using an adhesive sponge or scrub brush to clean the remaining mildew. Just be careful not to scratch the fenders while cleaning.

Cleaning the Top Deck

Keeping your top deck clean is more than a cosmetic issue: it is an issue of boater safety. If your non-skid top deck gets too grimy, slips and falls will become more frequent. Over time, grime and dirt can wear down the slip-resistant surface, meaning that your top deck will not be as slip-resistant even after you’ve cleaned it. Luckily, cleaning a boat’s top deck is a relatively simple process.

It starts by wetting down the top deck and pouring some cleaner on it (you can find top deck cleaner at most boating or outdoor stores). You want to make sure that you spread the cleaner around so that it covers the entire deck surface. After waiting about five minutes for the cleaner to work its magic, go over the deck with a brush to remove the dirt. To complete the cleaning process, simply rinse the entire deck with fresh water.

Call the Professionals

Perhaps the best advice that we can give to boat owners, especially busy boat owners – is that you get in touch with a professional boat service who can handle the cleaning and polishing for you. Keeping a boat in top-notch condition requires time and effort. Boaters who don’t always have the time for routine maintenance rely on services like Larsen Marine to handle this work for them.

Exterior cleaning services provided include cleaning and polishing the exterior chrome/stainless; cleaning fenders, lifelines, and the shore power cord; compounding and waxing the hull sides, topsides, and deck; handwashing the exterior of the boat; and pressure washing the bottom of the boat. Another advantage of calling a professional maintenance company – aside from the fact that it saves you time and energy – is that you can be confident that you will be getting quality, expert service.