Larsen Marine Yacht Sales, located between Chicago and Milwaukee in Waukegan Illinois, is the largest Great Lakes fresh water sailboat and powerboat dealer for new and used boat sales.

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Enhance your boat value

You’ve made the decision to trade-in or sell your boat, and are working with Larsen Marine to insure you get the most value for it. If you are listing it with our Brokerage Services, you are quite naturally interested in improving it’s marketability in order to obtain the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Planning, Preparation and a Little Work are Key 
Prospective new owners will want to look over, under and through the vessel. This becomes the critical moment—the only chance for your vessel to make that extremely important first impression! If your boat isn’t ready, chances are a potential buyer is not going to give it serious consideration at the value you expect.  So how do you get your boat ready to make the best possible first impression? Here are some helpful tips:

Remove Excess Gear from Cabins and Lockers
An uncluttered look shows organization, looks more spacious, and gives prospective new owners the ability to see the storage compartments in their entirety. When it comes to storage spaces. . . . More and Bigger is always better! Also, if the gear is not included with the boat sale—Remove It!

Completely Clean and Organize the Boat
This adds greatly to that all important ‘1st—Impression’ . . . prospective owners will be impressed that, at least from a visual perspective, the boat is well cared for. If a boat’s cosmetic appearance is not in ‘Tip Top’ shape, buyers will assume other systems onboard have also not been maintained. . . .

Disclose Major Repairs
Major structural or mechanical repairs should be disclosed up front so they don’t come back to haunt you later. If the survey uncovers things that should have been mentioned up front—the deal will be in jeopardy or the value questionned. Don’t take that chance!

Make Your Boat Easy to Survey
This may seem simple, but the survey is an important key in getting your boat’s value properly established. Make all documentation, manuals and other information on added equipment easy for the surveyor to find and use in his report. This includes information on structural repairs that have been made. The fewer questions there are in the surveyor’s mind . . . the fewer questions will come back to you after the survey.

Lastly . . . If you are enlisting the support of our Brokerage Services, work closely with our brokers and utilize their expertise.
They have all been certified as Professional Yacht Brokers through the Yacht Brokerage Association of America. Membership requires ongoing training and development . . . and our brokers are well trained professionals who are here to help. Put their many years of experience to work for you!